My Story

The qualities that make a good psychotherapist have always been the way I express myself in the world — listening attentively, empathizing non judgmentally, sharing generously any helpful knowledge or experience I have accumulated, focusing optimistically on action, and valuing cooperation genuinely while welcoming conflict as a healthy part of the process. Basically, people  have generally responded to me with words like “good listener,” “kind,” and “smart.” When I was thirty-one years old or so, I realized I had taken my then current career as far as I cared. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and it had run its course. When I wondered “What next?,” I reflected on who I am and what I enjoy. These reflections led to the answer, “Help alleviate suffering.” That sounds lofty, and perhaps it is, but it fuels my passion for this work. I find what I do to be enriching and life-enhancing. I want others to have fulfillment in their lives, too. We are like climbers on adjacent mountains. From my mountain, I can tell you what I see, offer you a different perspective. You can tell me the qualities of your mountain, apply what I share with you and judge the effects on your experience. This collaboration focused on a satisfying life is what ultimately enthuses me most for the work. Please join me.


In the past 15 years, I have worked in a variety of settings–mental health case management, intensive outpatient treatment for substance abuse, behavioral counseling for people living with HIV, and of course private practitioner. Besides Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, I am skilled in Harm Reduction, Stages of Change, Motivational Interviewing, and traditional Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. I have supervised counselors, as well.

Degree: Master of Science in Professional Counseling from Georgia State University, 2001.

License: Licensed Professional Counselor; Licensed Supervisor—LPC-Interns (Texas License #18869; originally issued June 2004)

Certification: National Certified Counselor

Affiliations: Member of American Counseling AssociationAssociation for Contextual & Behavioral Science; Austin Group Psychotherapy Society; Austin Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce