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Coming Undone

There is a line in the Tao te Ching that goes something like, “When nothing is done, nothing is left undone.” In order to grasp this seeming contradiction, it is helpful to know that the Tao te Ching espouses the virtues of humility and the seeming paradox that in emptiness there is infinite possibility (e.g., […]

Skillful Action

A client asked me how to resolve the seeming contradiction between acceptance and taking action. This is a common misconception about mindfulness, that it is a state of blissful inaction wherein the practitioner stops thinking. I suppose this idea could be a by-product of the concept of heaven, the reward for being good. Mindfulness, though, […]

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is my birthday. Forty-eight years ago, I entered the world, joined in the human race. I’m having a great life, for which I am grateful. Further, I am grateful that I feel grateful. Being aware that this life is a precious opportunity helps me tremendously to keep things in perspective. Gratitude connects me to […]

Leap Year

Leap at the chance. By leaps and bounds. A leap in the dark. Leap to conclusions. Leap from one thing to the next. Leap of faith. The number of idioms in English referring to the action of springing through the air from one point to another suggests the concept holds importance. Indeed, leaping is important […]

Restless Mind

There is a restlessness in me. It varies from a low-grade nagging sense that I need to do something, to a full-on agitation that feels like something is wrong. At times, restlessness prompts action. For instance, restlessness has been the impetus for accomplishing goals. Twenty-two years ago, restlessness told me I was ready to leave Houston and […]

I Seriously Doubt It

Doubt is a common barrier to regular meditation practice. It’s right up there with finding time for practice, sleepiness while meditating, and restlessness of mind or body while meditating. There is even instruction in Buddhism for overcoming these barriers. Doubt makes appearances in my meditation practice. Rather than struggle with doubt by denying its presence […]

The Introvert Speaks

Writing a blog would seem to be a simple matter. It’s just putting down experiences, thoughts, opinions, reflections, etc. For the introverted brain, though, the process can be surprisingly challenging. By our nature, we introverts generally find the spotlight unrewarding. The act of writing a blog, then, can be likened to standing in the middle of […]