Effective supervision focuses on insuring that the intern provides clinical services to clients with integrity and that the intern develops competence in the profession. Supervision is a collaborative process that involves observation, evaluation, feedback, as well as the facilitation of self-assessment by the intern and acquisition of knowledge and skills through instruction, modeling, and mutual problem solving.

Ongoing evaluation of competence includes forming a training agreement with each intern that addresses how the intern will develop the habits of using communication, knowledge, technical skills, clinical reasoning, emotions, values, and reflection in daily practice for the benefit of their clients and the community. The Code of Ethics and Rules of the Texas State Board of Licensed Professional Counselors, as well as the tenets of the intern’s chosen theoretical orientation, define the specifics of these abilities. The training agreement between supervisor and supervisee defines which knowledge, skills, and values the intern will apply as the supervisee develops as a counselor. The supervisor assesses competence by evaluating the supervisee’s ability in relation to the agreement. In this way, the supervisee can refer to explicit and measurable standards of competence that the supervisor bases on training requirements and a predictable developmental trajectory.

Supervision involves a commitment of a special kind. The process involves 3,000 hours of post-graduate experience. Working together over the length of time it takes to fulfill these hours means that you and I will build a considerable relationship with each other. In some ways, the relationship will be like that between counselor and client. It will require trust, honesty, and meeting the discomfort of growing pains. Your development from graduate student to licensed counselor is one that I treat with the utmost respect. Educating patiently and competently is a value that I hold dear. In the process of supervising, I am learning, too. There is an elegant, layered system of personal growth happening for your clients, you, and me. By bringing mindful qualities of gentle curiosity and disciplined attention of present moment to supervision, you and I will create a ground from which you will find the compassion and confidence to become a skilled professional.

I welcome inquiries from LPC-Interns who think my approach will provide the learning experience they seek.