Note: I am an approved provider of CEUs for LPCs and LCSWs.

I provide trainings on a diverse range of topics. My training style is conversational and structured. I prefer to sit at a table with the trainees and talk about the information I am imparting. I find that discussion paired with handouts engages all styles of learning.

Because of my extensive experience both in nonprofit administration and management, I understand the strengths and limitations of the workplace and the perspectives of both direct service and leadership staff. I am familiar with the dynamics that typically cause processes to bog down, and techniques and approaches to get them unstuck.

I also bring to the training process my strong clinical skills and experience supervising direct service staff. I have provided services directly to hundreds of clients of the agencies for which I have worked, and I have overseen the work of others providing services to clients. This combination of administrative and clinical expertise helps me to relate to the full picture and anticipate the training needs of all the people in the room. I have an advantage in that I can teach and engage all staff, creating a richer experience than trainings that focus on just direct service or just leadership.

My training experience to date includes:

  • Professional Boundaries and Ethical Decision-Making for social services staff
  • Overview of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and the Noble Eightfold Path of Buddhism

I have provided trainings for:

I will work with you to find and create the training that best meets your needs.

Let Be and Be Loving: Intimacy for the Real World

Presented at the Contemporary Relationships Conference

May 13, 2016

Power Point Presentation: Let Be and Be Loving_Intimacy for the Real World_Web Version

Materials from the workshop, from “ACT with Love,” by Russ Harris: The_Complete_Worksheets_for_ACT_With_Love